Working With Your Best Friend

Aquila and Priscilla show us a fascinating example of serving well together in Scripture.  Join Denna Busenitz (Sandhills of NE) and Madelyn Fox (Allakaket, AK) for this new devotional series.

About 18 years pass between Aquila and Priscilla’s first and last mention in the Bible. We see 8 life actions used to describe their faithful ministry. Today, we see how they worked together and traveled together  (Acts 18:2).

Life Action 2: They worked together. Acts 18:3,

“And because he [Paul] was a tentmaker as they were, he stayed and worked with them.”


Life Action 3: They traveled together. Acts 18:18,

“Paul stayed on in Corinth for some time. Then he left the brothers and sisters and sailed for Syria, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila.”

We risk our lives for more than people. We risk our lives for more than the church. We risk our lives for a Savior.

In Romans 16:4, Paul acclaims Priscilla and Aquila for “risking their lives” for him. But not only is Paul grateful for their sacrifice, the churches of the Gentiles are blessed from their risk-taking.

We risk everything, so the church sees the worth of Christ.

To take a risk takes guts and a purpose. We as pastors’ wives have the privilege of risking our lives alongside the man we call our best friend, and we do it for an eternal purpose that outweighs the hardship of the risk.

The guts we need come from the Spirit who gives power. The purpose we have propels us to take risks because the purpose is Christ Himself.

Many verbalized their concerns about our family moving to a bush village where sexual abuse is rampant. (Most of our daughter’s friends have been sexually abused—it’s a rarity to find a child who hasn’t been touched by this awful injustice.) As the plane dropped off our belongings and flew back into the sky, we were left alone on the runway with no one familiar.

But the Word gave us strength.

Paul settled in Corinth for eighteen months “teaching the Word of God” among the people. During this time of intense Biblical teaching, Priscilla and Aquila grew in their faith.

The only way Priscilla and Aquila were empowered to take risks for their Savior was because their minds were renewed by the Word and by the purpose of Christ Himself.

If we are grounded in the Word, then no risk is too hard to embrace. The boldness of the Spirit and the purpose of Christ will display to our churches that Christ is worth the risk.


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About Madelyn Fox

We are the Arctic Foxes. Our family was led by the Lord to serve in Alaska as church planter's years ago, and we've watched Him faithfully open doors for us to live among the Athabascan peoples of the North, declaring the praises of a Savior who is worthy. We live in a remote bush village located on the Arctic Circle. There is no Bible church in this village of about 150 people, and our prayer is to see the Lord establish a Body of believers in this village who proclaim and exalt God's Name and Renown, both in the village and surrounding villages.

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