Spiritual Gifts

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…” Romans 12:6a


I believe that many of us who serve within the church have a good handle on how we are gifted simply because we, at one time or another, take part in all the gifts.

Trying out a spiritual gift is one of the best ways to become aware of how one is gifted. It is how I have learned that I am not gifted to teach junior church, work in the nursery, make hospital calls, or take part in nursing home services. I have taken part in all these activities, and still do when the need arises, but I know these are areas where I am not gifted.

I never thought I could speak, counsel, have great faith, teach a ladies’ Bible study, or be a greeter at church to strangers. I was extremely shy in unfamiliar situations and would never, I repeat, NEVER have done those things had I not been a pastor’s wife and thus forced to do them.  

But as I did, I found that I didn’t just like doing them, I loved doing them!  They energized me and bore fruit when I had the opportunity to do them. I now know how God has gifted me, and how He has not, because of the fact that I served. I said “yes” to various opportunities and learned through them!

About Gloria Bagley

Gloria comes from a long line of individuals serving in pastoral ministry. Gloria and her husband, Bill, are both graduates of the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. They have four children and are happy grandparents! Their service in pastoral ministry has spanned 40 years and includes a range of experiences. They have served at 100-year-old churches in the Midwest, pastored a mission church in Utah, taught at the Frontier School of the Bible in Wyoming, planted a church in Idaho, and are now currently planting a church in Garden City, Utah. Gloria has a desire to connect younger pastors’ wives with older pastors’ wives as they share with each other the goodness of God in serving in small-town and rural ministry.

4 comments on “Spiritual Gifts

  1. I am a newer member of this site and have just read your article. I appreciate your take on trying out all the gifts at some time during ministry. What a unique perspective, thank you. I have probably done that many times without realizing it! I do know a few gifts that are NOT mine! And i am still growing in the gifts that i know are given to me. I am now in a new adventure of leadership and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses me. Being a PW, i know that people will let me know how i am doing. 🙂 With love and respect of course! I am excited to tap into divine power that is ours in Christ thru the Holy Spirit. God bless your ministry.

  2. Thanks for sharing Gloria. Its encouraging to hope to find d that place to serve using my gifts. I am still in the “trying out” phase I guess and often feel discouraged in this area because I want to do something worthwhile and know that it is God’s plan for me…not just do things because I am the PW and no o e else wants to do that job. Lots of prayer I guess…. Tips??

  3. Appreciated this devotional on spiritual gifts Gloria! So true that serving in various ways can help us discern how the Lord has gifted us. Thanks for sharing.

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