Tour of God’s Glory

“The heavens declare the glory of God,

    and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

In a few weeks, our family will be embarking on what I’ve dubbed a “tour of God’s glory.” We live in the Midwest and are taking a road trip out West to visit family. We plan to stop at a number of national parks along the way there and back. While we are a bit nervous about the amount of driving we will be doing with three kids, we are also really excited to see these incredible landmarks!

As I look at pictures of the parks we plan to visit, I am in awe of God’s glory on display in creation, and I know that these pictures won’t even hold a candle to seeing the beauty in real life! Scripture tells us that creation declares God’s glory, and it isn’t hard to understand what that means when we think of places like Yellowstone or Glacier National Park.

While I can’t wait to see these huge declarations of God’s glory, it’s good to remember that I don’t have to drive 20 hours away to find His glory. It’s all around us, if we just have the patience to slow down and see it!

When was the last time you stepped outside, took a deep breath, and looked at the beauty of the sky above you, that rich shade of blue that is so mesmerizing? When was the last time you watched in awe as the sun set on the horizon, washed in a dazzling display of colors? Have you ever stopped to listen to the chorus of nature with the birds singing, the insects buzzing, and the wind sighing? All of it screams to us about how great and big and awesome our God is!

I live in the middle of a bunch of cornfields, which probably sounds pretty boring to a lot of people, but I love driving through the gentle, rolling hills of green in the early summer as the corn and soy begin to grow. Did you know that they are different shades of green? Before I moved here, I had no clue that the patchwork of greens rolling up and down for miles could be so beautiful! I love to look out our front window and drink in the sight of the fields stretching away under the huge, blue sky.

When I slow down and patiently look around, I am reminded that this great God, the God who made all of this, also loves and cares for me. Little, insignificant me. If He could handle making all of this, how can I ever doubt that He can handle all that I am facing today? 

Take a moment to look around and see God’s glory. Be reminded that He is the God who made all of this, and He cares for you, sees you, and can handle everything that you’re facing today.

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About Tobi Henschel

Tobi and her husband, Paul, met at Moody Bible Institute and have been serving in churches together since then. Along with their three amazing boys, they currently serve at a church in the middle of Illinois farmland where Paul is the senior pastor. Tobi has a passion for teaching the Word of God, especially to children, and helps with both the children's and women's ministries of her church. She loves reading, DIY projects, coffee, ice cream, and spontaneous dance parties with her boys.